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Everything begins with a visit to your home so that we may get to know you, your style and your requirements. At this point, we will collect enough information about the project to be able to provide an estimated project cost. The more information you can provide the better. A simple sketch can speak a thousand words. Magazine photos are another great way to communicate your vision. These photos don't have to be an exact representation of the project; they can be several photos of very different projects of which you like certain design features from each. We will bring a few door samples, other project photos and accessory catalogs to help. Based on this information, we will provide you with a FREE estimate that covers a few different design scenarios. We will try to cover as much detail as possible to get it as close as possible to your vision.



Once the estimate is accepted, the design phase can begin. In order for us to create a scale-measured CAD drawing, we will need any new appliance model numbers and collect a modest design fee. This design fee is based entirely on the proposed scope of the project and level of detail. From here, a first draft will be created and emailed to you. If needed, a second and possibly third draft will be created. Once the final draft is agreed upon, a fixed quote will be provided. Should you choose us to build your cabinetry project, the design fee will be deducted from the total project cost. If you would prefer to have an architect, interior designer or you would like to produce the design drawings, we will gladly provide a quote from these plans.



We are dedicated to using as many environmentally friendly products as possible in our fabrication process of cabinetry. All cabinet boxes are fabricated using "Columbia Forest Products" Pure-Bond, a Formaldehyde-Free veneer plywood, which uses a natural soy-based binder. The box material is the main component of a "green" cabinet. The greater majority of conventional plywood, MDF and particle board adhesives are made using Formaldehyde resins. These resins can release formaldehyde gases, which are a carcinogen. They can take more than 9 months for these gases to vent-off enough for the EPA's safe levels.


In conjunction with interlocking joints (rabets & dados), cabinet boxes are glued and nailed together. The wood glue used is a low-VOC (volatile organic compound) water-borne product, which is very strong and does not emit harmful vapors.


After a design has been approved, the raw lumber is ordered from a specialty mill. From there all parts are cut out and sanded, making a "kit" of your project. The kit is then assembled by component. All of this happens in our shop. And during this process, fabrication photos will be emailed so that you may see what stage your project is in. We don't believe you will find another shop doing this!


Our shop is small and therefore we only work on one or possibly two projects at time. This insures that no project is rushed, therefore compromising quality. Our efficient ordering and fabrication process uses no materials in excess, so waste is kept to a minimum.



Finishing is just as important and time consuming as the fabrication process. All water-borne paints, stains and clear coats are applied to meticulously sanded wood by HVLP sprayers. High-volume Low-pressure technology increases fluid transfer, reduces over-spray and therefore reduces material consumption. For stained projects, two to three coats of high-build, low-VOC lacquer is applied and for painted projects two coats of primer and two coats of an acrylic enamel are applied. Each coat is progressively hand sanded to 220, 320 and 400 grit sand paper leaving a very smooth finish.



An exciting day for all! A few days prior to completion of the construction, an install date will be set. The same people who designed and fabricated your cabinets will be the same ones doing the installation. This insures that everything goes together the way it was designed and eliminates any possible issues that are common when using a sub-contracted installer.

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